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Massachusetts Transgender Public Accommodations Bill Becomes Law

Earlier this month, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed the Transgender Public Accommodations Bill into law.  While Massachusetts has statutorily prohibited employment discrimination against transgender persons since July 1, 2012, the law extends those protections to include all places of public … Continue reading

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Could You be Liable for the Sins of Your Staffing Agency?

Many businesses use staffing agencies to supplement their regular employee workforce with temporary workers.  Staffing agencies can be extremely valuable for a company seeking to save money (e.g., taxes and employee benefits) which it would have to pay for regular … Continue reading

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Healthcare Subsidies for Graduate Students

Many colleges and universities provide graduate student employees (e.g., teaching assistants) with a stipend or reimbursement to offset the cost of their medical coverage under a student health plan.  Recent guidance from the Departments of Health and Human Services (“HHS”), … Continue reading

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